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Crown & Bridge

Private Crown & Bridge Work

All Private work integrates market leading advancements and materials, including the latest Straumann CAD/CAM technology.

The Giroform system, acknowledged as the industry’s best, is used to produce all models which are made with top quality die stone.

Gold crowns are made using a durable 60% content and have good tooth morphology, contacts, excellent marginal finishes and articulation.

Discreet metal frame works are designed to support porcelain adding strength and stability. All frames are made in high quality semi-precious metal.

Noritake is the main porcelain of choice. However, other porcelains can be used depending on the particular case involved. Whenever possible a porcelain margin is always produced. The finished case is presented to show the excellence of our craftsmanship.

Full private crowns include a 1-year guarantee against failure. Zirconia frames have a 5-year guarantee against failure.

Independent Crown & Bridge Work

Our Independent Crown & Bridge work is for patients that require a service between Private and Standard. The work is carried out using the same techniques and qualities, but some materials do change.

The model is produced using a high quality tray system. Bonding units are made in non-precious metal unless otherwise requested. In these cases a semi-precious metal will be substituted and charged by weight accordingly. Porcelain is finished to metal margins.

The finished case still exhibits a superb standard of workmanship.

Standard Crown & Bridge Work

Our Standard work is made to the same principles as with Independent and Private cases. You can be confident that the finished product will be clinically correct. The model system employed, uses the same high quality die stone as our Independent service.

All bonded crowns are made using a non-precious metal without a metal collar, a collar can be included but at extra cost. Porcelain is a basic dentine/enamel build up with glaze staining and is finished to metal unless another option is required.

Gold crowns and posts are made in non-precious alloy, but again, other options are available for an extra charge. Proteus will advise and help you make the best possible choice.


  • Designed with precious and non-precious metals
  • Composite veneers, inlays and crowns
  • Special trays, sportsguards, nightguards and whitening trays